John Fry


I am a translator and linguist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I've been working full-time as a Japanese-English translator since 2009 through my company Fry Translation Inc, a subchapter S corporation. I translate mainly technical and business documents, including manuals, reports, presentations, press releases, and scientific papers, from Japanese into English. I love being a self-employed translator because the work is challenging and fascinating, I can set my own hours, and I never have to attend meetings!


I earned a BA in Linguistics and Computer Science from UCLA, followed by a Ph.D. in Linguistics, with a minor in Computer Science, from Stanford University. After earning my Ph.D., I worked as a computational linguist (at PARC, SRI, and elsewhere) and taught courses in linguistics and language technology at San Jose State University and Boise State University. I also spent several years living in Japan, working at Koei (in Tokyo) and NAIST (in Tsukuba).

Contact Information

John Fry
PO Box 191331
San Francisco, CA 94119 USA
Phone: +1-415-815-8558